A flourishing low-carbon world is possible, if we all take action now!

Protecting the environment for future generations is a commitment Accenture shares with its people. In this video, Technology Analyst, Toutia, explains how we are taking collective action to have greater impact, from our mobility choices to office design.

  • Meet Toutia Daryoush | Accenture Technology

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Future-oriented environmental thinking & acting

At Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg, we place sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We apply the same innovative, future-oriented thinking and solutions we bring to our clients to address our own collective environmental impact. This touches the way we collaborate with our people, our suppliers, and clients. And beyond that, we actively partner with startups and other initiatives outside our company active in the environment domain. This not only enriches but increases our collective impact.

Since beginning our environmental journey in 2007, we have reduced our emissions and continue to focus on environmentally responsible growth. In fact, we have cut our per-employee emissions in half during a ten-year period. Our new Science Based Target, approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative, is to reduce Accenture’s absolute greenhouse emissions by 11 percent by 2025 from a 2016 baseline. 

Innovating our mobility

Our flexible mobility program gives employees the freedom to choose the best mobility solutions for them. Everyone can receive a full public transport subscription and already more than 1/3 of our employees have opted for this. Our car drivers can opt-out of having a car, opt-in to low emission vehicles, plus, we offer lease bicycles, shared bike subscriptions and a bike allowance. 

We have incorporated electric vehicles in our fleet since 2014. They joined the plug-in hybrids and charging station in Brussels plus shared eCars and e-Bikes that are free of charge for employees. We use technology to our advantage by stimulating virtual meetings via Skype and Microsoft Teams, thus reducing the need to travel. We are launching a new program to provide drivers with a monthly carbon footprint dashboard and rewards if they reduce fuel usage. Plus, for every liter of fuel we use, we invest in a Wildlife project in Kenya together with Shell.

Our office of the future: a new milestone

Late 2019, Accenture will be moving to a new, state-of-the-art office on the Gare Maritime site at Tour & Taxis in Brussels. We are excited to be one of the first companies to move into this historic and iconic landmark, which will become a new city within the city. The vision for Gare Maritime matches our future-oriented way of working as an inspiring hub for innovation, co-creation and collaboration. And we are seizing the opportunity our new office offers to have an even greater impact on the environment front:

  • Smart Building technologies & sensors
  • Geothermal system for heating and cooling
  • Continued ISO14001 certification
  • Applying purchasing principles of the circular economy as signatories of the Green Deal Circular Purchasing
  • Acceleration of the best environmental practices we already adhere to including ecological cleaning products (Bioorg), paper made from agricultural waste (PaperWise), recuperation of rain water, solar panels and green electricity, light and water sensors
  • And last but not least, a location specifically chosen for its easy access by public transport…

Accenture believes that a flourishing low-carbon world is possible, if we all take action now!

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