“Each day is a blank page waiting to be written”

Originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Therèse Ntumba joined Accenture in 2020 where she is a Business & Integration Architecture Analyst

You can only give the best version of yourself to others if you have peace of mind and take time for yourself. Everything starts with yourself and only when you’re happy, can you bring joy to those around you.

"I wanted to be so many things when I was growing up"

...a doctor to save lives, a psychologist to help those with broken spirits, a lawyer to fight injustice in the world, and a university professor to share all the knowledge I would acquire throughout my life with the new generation because they are the future.

My love for science and technology eventually led me to study Biochemical Engineering Technology. This corresponded with my long-term goals and offered a wide range of options in terms of profession. Accenture ticked the box in terms of knowledge building and lifelong learning. But it was the people who really inspired me to join the company, specifically the amazing young Accenture ladies I met in February 2020 during a Tech Ladies Night in Ghent! After that event I knew I wanted to work for Accenture. 

I currently work in a Project Management Office team for two major clients.  My role mainly consists of supporting project managers and client teams in their operational activities (e.g. moderating meetings, optimizing team communications and scheduling). I’m also responsible for coordinating project resources, for example, the availability of people and supplies.

I never expected to find myself in a work environment where my viewpoint is endorsed, respected and valued. At Accenture, nobody is put in a box. It’s the opposite. Every effort is made to help you become the best version of yourself. We all have different characters, and this contributes to our shared success. My teammates would probably describe me as easy-going and driven, and sometimes a little bit stubborn.

"To make an impact, we need each other"

I believe in the power of multiple perspectives, they show you every shade of a solution, whether it’s technology or business. To arrive at the best possible solution, you need that diversity.

I believe in giving back what life gives to me. Accenture invested in me and I invest in delivering work that makes a difference to the company and our clients. There is still a lot of work to be done in the world, so many things still need improving. Each day is a blank page waiting to be written.

When you embrace change, you never get bored. There are always new things to learn, skills to master, people to meet, adaptations to make. To stay up to date, we have to keep changing. And that’s what makes life truly exciting.

The most important people in my life are those I trust the most: my mum, my three sisters and my boyfriend. Having gone through the unexpected death of my father and my grandma, who was like a second mother to me, I promised myself one thing: never to make the people who matter to me feel neglected or unloved. You never know when a “see you later” will become a “goodbye”.

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