“I love change. It opens new windows to the future”

Erita (27) was intrigued by just about every subject at school. A degree in Business Economics offered her the same variety. Ever curious and keen to continue learning, she joined Accenture as a graduate in 2019, attracted by the breadth of work but mainly the people.

It felt like my whole life depended on what I would study at university. At school, mathematics was my favorite subject, followed by natural sciences, languages, and history (the latter inspired by my older brother who was a walking encyclopedia on historic events). After going back and forth several times, I set my sights on Business Economics, which felt like a good match for my broad curiosity. After four fascinating years, and within a few months of graduating, I signed my contract at Accenture and started a whole new adventure! 

Consulting seemed right up my street. It looked like a world where I could experience multiple roles, projects, clients and even industries. I also wanted to work in an international setting and Accenture was more than eligible. Plus, I was offered the opportunity to join the Oracle HCM practice, which combines two fields I’m extremely interested in: Human Resources and Technology. I came away from my first interviews feeling super positive, inspired, and motivated. Almost three years later, I still feel the same way.

What really convinced me to go for Accenture was the culture. It’s a young, innovative company led by inspiring leaders and full of interesting, fun, and open-minded people. We work hard, but we also enjoy a full social agenda at the office, especially nowadays as we do our best to make up for the lost Covid years.

Before you know it, you’re one of ‘them’. Just about everything at Accenture was new at the start. Looking back at my first role as a system tester, just being able to understand what people were talking about was a gigantic challenge! Not only the IT jargon, but also terminology related to a system I’d never heard of before. Slowly but surely, the more time you spend with your team, working on different tasks, and listening to people, you find your place, and everything falls into place.

The size and scope of Accenture becomes clear after your first projects. In the past three years, I have worked for major multinationals across the globe and with colleagues in Belgium, Mauritius, India, Poland, Netherlands, France, and Italy. This can be challenging, but I’m always surrounded by a supportive team of colleagues and at the same time, I’m given more than enough space to be creative and work independently.

Flexibility is in the Accenture DNA. Working on international projects across different time zones requires a lot of puzzling in your agenda. You need to be flexible enough to adapt quickly to a new project, with a new team and even a new role. In return, you receive a lot of flexibility and trust from Accenture in terms of how you organize your work and find the right balance with your private life.

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