In my project proposals, I want to offer what clients need, and not just what they want

Stéphanie Fischer (28) only joined Accenture a year ago, and she made it to be Associate Manager in the Financial Services Sales team. “Since I started in this new role, I haven’t been bored for one single day. And that’s a big deal for someone who likes to get a kick out of many things at the same time.”

You nowadays find your work happiness in the Financial Services industry, but you started your career in the telco industry?

When I accepted my first job at a big telecom company in 2016, it was driven by the willingness to learn and having an impact. One of the key learnings from that experience – other than pure telco business content – is that wherever there is a market need, there is a challenge to be undertaken and an opportunity to grow. You can get a lot of energy out of interactions with colleagues and clients, which is an integral part of the life of a management consultant.

So what triggered your decision to take this new challenge at Accenture, a few years after?

I saw a real opportunity to challenge myself in a new field, as part of a fast-growing global company. During the pandemic, Accenture showed its resilience and adaptation to change and realized outstanding results, which impressed me. Finally, I had the opportunity to join the Financial Services Sales team, a dynamic team working on a large variety of projects, leveraging on the full breadth of Accenture practices to fuel its clients with valuable end-to-end solutions

And how do you feel about it now, one year later?

Well, the feeling got reconfirmed over and over again. Firstly, the Accenture people really act as one team. And ‘the work hard, play hard’ mentality is all over the place, where hard work is combined with fun and team gatherings. Secondly, the senior people make time to coach you, and share a lot of content and experience, which makes you grow super-fast. Finally, this happens in an environment where it’s all about transformation and technology. It really makes me thrive.

How do you manage to keep your balance in the ‘work hard’ part of the culture?

Accenture is a flat organization where trust is key. While you gain experience and prove yourself, you get more and more flexibility to take ownership and define your own priorities.  This is something you learn overtime and by building relationship with the colleagues.  Speak up, come with solutions and be concrete on what you need to become the best version of yourself.

I feel like Accenture is not only a key partner of its clients, but also of its employees. Growing the people means growing their impact, and as a result the company delivers the best for its clients. How’s that for a chain reaction?

Your team is looking for quite a few extra talents. What kind of people should apply?

People who like to have an impact, who are solution oriented and give their very best in everything they do.  Being a team player is also key to match with the Accenture culture. The more energy you get out of being a genuine team player, the happier you will be in your career at Accenture and the more you will learn and grow.

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