“The buzz of being an entrepreneur supported by a huge company”

Pauline (29) has worked in San Francisco as a startup business developer, in a finance role for a major supermarket group, for a non-profit in Peru… and there’s also yoga teaching. She’s now back in Brussels, the city of her birth, and has been working at Accenture since 2018.

I’m passionate about the Energy Transition

It’s one of the main reasons why I chose Accenture. Because here, I get to work on a multitude of exciting topics related to that domain and with a wide range of clients, from energy retailers, grid operators, and oil and gas providers, to public institutions and tech companies across the globe. Of course, our clients are all experts in their own field. So, I’m always wondering if I’ll be able to dazzle them with my insights.

Digital technologies are key to unlocking a sustainable energy future

Without them, we could not envision or implement smart charging for Electric Vehicles, integrated energy offerings, green buildings, or smart cities, to name but a few. In recent months, I’ve been working on the energy strategies for large commercial and industrial clients, helping them to align their de-carbonization roadmaps to their future ambitions, bringing them ideas on how to improve their energy efficiency, adopt onsite solar energy and heat generation as well as innovative energy storage solutions.

The startup vibe is never far away

At Accenture, the number of clients and the variety of assignments in a frequently changing context keep you on your toes. In that sense, it’s similar to my previous experience working with startups. You have many different roles. And the more roles you experience, the more you grow. In addition to my client work, I’m also involved in Accenture Ventures, our investment program for talented entrepreneurs. Supporting startups during our monthly “Startup Pitch Days” and taking part in the jury and selection process of Start it @KBC helps me to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening outside Accenture and collaborate with colleagues from across our organization.

Freedom and entrepreneurship come with responsibilities

I appreciate the level of flexibility we are given when it comes to managing our agendas, especially in terms of developing ourselves. Continuous learning is really encouraged at Accenture. For example, this year I chose to follow a course in Strategy & Finance at the INSEAD Business School. Next to that, informal “brown bag sessions” keep us up to date with the latest business trends and new capabilities. We may work for a huge company, but the entrepreneurial mindset is there. It’s how we remain relevant to our clients.