What matters the most it is that we all move forward together

Floriane helps organizations to build cyber resilience and grow confidently. Continuous growth is also essential for her, both as a Cybersecurity professional and as someone who believes in empowering herself and others to live life to the full.

Meet Floriane Razafindranaly-de Lapparent, Security Consultant at Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg

‘Cybersecurity is not only a cool profession; it’s also vitally important for our future. With business ecosystems becoming more and more intertwined and IT systems increasingly shared, the challenges are growing. Helping organizations to build cyber resilience is at the heart of what I do each day. My specific focus is on Identity & Access Management and Security Governance for the financial services industry. This encompasses functional aspects (identifying and assessing risk and vulnerabilities…) as well as technical aspects (defining Security Architecture and implementing security solutions…). I’m lucky to be able to work across both domains and on a wide variety of projects because Cybersecurity challenges are unique each time.’

Growing women leaders in technology

‘I joined Accenture after several years of working in the banking industry and IT consulting. I was attracted by the opportunities Accenture offers me to use both my practical and technical experience. What decided me was that Accenture continuously looks for improvement, is always focused on the future, and not afraid of change. Since I joined, I have seen a real investment in the human dimension of our company, as a strategic priority linked to business success. One of our mottos is “Be yourself, make a difference”. And this is true in our working environment: we are accepted for who we are and encouraged to build on our strengths to make a difference to ourselves and our clients. There is a strong focus on growing women leaders and attracting more women to technology careers. I’m also involved in the WIDE (Women in Digital Empowerment) community in Luxembourg that is helping to increase women’s presence in IT and develop their technical skills.’ 

‘I never lose. I either win or learn’
Nelson Mandela

‘What I love the most about my job is the relationship I have with my clients and colleagues. They all help me to grow, both as an Accenture employee and a human being. I make a point of questioning and developing myself in the right way, such as finding more self-confidence and inner peace (a long apprenticeship!), improving my technical and soft skills. Each day I’m ready to learn more: learn to fail, learn to succeed, learn to improve. I believe we all learn and develop ourselves constantly, which is why life is a beautiful experience. Integrity, honesty, humility, authenticity and loyalty are my watchwords. I am guided in this by one of my favorite books, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, the Mexican author of Toltec spiritualist texts. 

I’m especially proud of having been already trusted by Accenture to shape a project from scratch for a client. That’s not what most people would expect from a consultant, but because I have a strong network in Luxembourg and I’m already acknowledged by clients for my security expertise, I was able to go to the market and contribute to business development, which is a great feeling!’ 

Stronger together

‘I believe in empowering the people I work with because together we are stronger. From my point of view, being a leader is not how you inspire people, it is how you empower people and create trust and loyalty. We are all unique, all complementary in very different ways. So more than to inspire people, I want to give them hope and empowerment, because in the end, what matters the most it is that we all move forward together.’

We are all grown-up children

‘Outside work, I love to volunteer especially with children in hospital. They have so much wisdom and are authentic. They are not afraid to tell the truth and I appreciate that. It helps me to be humble and to never forget that we are all grown-up children! My other passion is beer and I have my own cellar, stocked with plenty of Belgian specialty beers! Right now, I’m looking for a microbrewery training so that I can learn how to make my favorite drink.’

Floriane Razafindranaly-de Lapparent (1990)

Studied: International Business Management with specialization in IT Management
Started working at Accenture: 2017

Accenture is: Not afraid of change
Loves: Laughing and making jokes. It’s good for your health and life is too short not to laugh and be happy 

Gets annoyed by: Human injustice and how we mistreat nature 
Favorite food: Dorum Kebab and pollo a la milanese
On my nightstand: The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho, The Art of the War by Sun Tzu (I am a military daughter and love military strategy), The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz 
Listens to: Dub, classical music, reggae, trip hop, electro
Would like to sit next to in the plane: The Dalai Lama
Life-changing event(s): My grandfather’s death
The best lesson life has taught me: Always keep hope and faith, be resilient. Forgiveness (forgive yourself and others to liberate yourself and find peace)

Most beautiful place on earth: Finistère, Bretagne. I am very proud to be ‘Bretonne’. We are part of nature and being in nature always reminds me of the essence of life
Hobbies/passions: Meditation, chilling, enjoying silence and living in the moment, hiking, surfing, volunteering
What nobody knows about me: I have numerical and grapheme synaesthesia
Life motto: ‘Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall’ –Confucius 

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