What qualities make a great Agile Coach? Meet Juliana!

The seeds of change were planted early in Juliana’s life, starting with a move from Colombia to Belgium aged 13. Today, her job is all about helping business teams to master continuous change by applying the latest Agile practices.

  • Meet Juliana Escudero | Accenture Strategy & Consulting

"I encourage everyone around me to challenge themselves & work hard on making their dreams come true"

Juliana Escudero Serna (1987)

Studied: Applied Economics and Strategy & Innovation 

Started working at Accenture: 2017

Accenture is: Connecting people & ideas

Loves: My two dogs

Gets annoyed by: Gender discrimination in the workplace

Favorite food: Tropical fruits

On my nightstand: Alarm clock, lamp and (travel) books ?

Listens to: World music, especially Latin American and African music because I love to dance

Would like to sit next to in the plane: My grandmother, the person I admire the most and who raised me 

Life-changing event(s): Moving to Belgium from Colombia at the age of 13. It is one of the most difficult but most enriching experiences of my life

The best lesson life has taught me: Perseverance, hard work and honesty are the keys to success

Most beautiful place on earth: My birthplace, Santa Fe de Antioquia, a colonial village near Medellin in Colombia

Hobbies/passions: My biggest passion is traveling, discovering new cultures and learning foreign languages. I spent most of my free time planning new trips and doing research about places to visit and extraordinary activities to do

Life motto: Persist, never take NO for an answer!