When joining Accenture I knew, “The best is yet to come”

When Rudy (45) joined Accenture in 2021, he already had more than 21 years of experience in running large IT deliveries in complex environments. His one thought was “the best is yet to come”. 

By changing and learning you continuously improve yourself and your environment

So far in my career, I’ve had many different roles, ranging from telecom system engineer right up to head of department for data networks, cybersecurity, and secure access infrastructures in the financial services industry. I have knowledge and experience I’m proud to share. But I also want to continue growing and especially in new areas like Cloud and transformation programs. Accenture offers the incredible scope of expertise and opportunities to do this, and also values what I bring to the table as an experienced colleague.

Truth be told, I had some doubts before joining

I was mainly worried about a lack of warm working relationships, the “up or out” culture you often hear about, and – as the father of two young children – being able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. They proved to be my own prejudices. I’ve since discovered that the Accenture culture fits well with my personal values: constructive dialogue, authenticity, respect... Colleagues were always willing to listen, guide and advise me in the early days, and they still are now. Stewardship is a core value that is put into practice.

I’ve been quickly trusted to lead a large and complex project, together with an equally large and hybrid delivery team

One of the most fulfilling aspects of this is learning from each other. Delivering value as one strong team and receiving positive feedback from the client boosts everyone’s energy. As part of the senior management, team coaching is also an integral part of my day-to-day job. I’ve extended this by taking on the role of People Lead to focus on all colleagues at more junior levels in my community.

It can be challenging to juggle different hats

I need to combine internal demands such as business (and personal) development and people coaching with managing external stakeholders and client delivery expectations. I can safely say that my job is never boring! Although wearing these hats simultaneously can be hard, I also find it very rewarding because I am constantly challenged, and I learn every day. Accenture stimulates entrepreneurship. Good ideas are valued, recognized, and acted upon.

Many companies do greenwashing

Not so at Accenture. Sustainability is at the heart of every solution we offer to our clients today. I’m really impressed by the broad expertise and offerings Accenture has built in this domain, both locally and on a global scale. So, when I say that I feel a good cultural fit with Accenture, this is a big part of what I mean.