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We’re really proud of the work we do at Accenture. Our people make a difference. Meet some of our colleagues and read their stories. Together, we make Accenture the thriving company and community that it is.

  • “You shouldn’t have to step back just because you’re a girl”

    Born in Nepal and living in Belgium since 2014, Prasamsha joined Accenture in 2020 where she is a Data Analyst

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  • “I care about saying the right thing”

    With Syriac roots, born and raised in Belgium, Simon joined Accenture in 2017 where he is a Business & Integration...

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  • “Each day is a blank page waiting to be written”

    Originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Therèse Ntumba joined Accenture in 2020 where she is a Business &...

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  • "Organizations do not transform. People do."

    Born and raised in Limburg, Anneleen joined Accenture in 2014 where she is a Strategy & Consulting Manager within the Talent...

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  • “I want to inspire women of all ages to get into technology”

    Dorien doesn’t do things by halves. She gives 100% as a Technology team lead, wellbeing ambassador and role model for women i...

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  • “It’s fantastic to be trusted”

    Born in England, and living in Belgium since 2005, Daniel Wincott completed his master’s degree in Management with a t...

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  • ‘Always new things to learn and new people to connect with. That’s the angle I really like'

    Koen is a natural communicator. And like every good communicator, he is endlessly curious. He has discovered the perfect...

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  • “I’ve come a long way to being open about who I am, so if I can help others, why not?”

    Accenture’s inclusive culture was a magnet for Sven. A vocal advocate of tolerance, he has a gift for uniting and organizing...

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  • What matters the most it is that we all move forward together

    Floriane helps organizations to build cyber resilience and grow confidently. Continuous growth is also essential for her,...

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