So you’re in your last year of study and already thinking about starting next year in your dream job or you’ve successfully completed years of study, written a thesis and finally graduated. Congratulations! Now take a deep breath (or a gap year)... and get ready to start your amazing future!

Could you be our next strategic thinker, digital innovator, tech wizard, or business expert? Whatever you’re passionate about, you can make the most of your talents at Accenture. Scroll down to watch videos of our people describing what they do.

Recognize yourself? Dive into the detailed job descriptions. Regardless of your role at Accenture, we offer an exciting and flexible career path… tailored to you. The REAL you. And we’ll help you to explore and grow whatever it is you’re great at.


Application process

Applying for jobs can be both exciting as overwhelming - and we believe it is crucial that you know where you stand during your application, and what the next steps are. Our process is short - but thorough - and we'd like to get to know you, and see if we are a great fit.

What qualifications do you need to apply?

The Accenture young graduates positions welcome all Bachelors & Masters students who are in their final year of studies from any educational background & interested in a career in consultancy. We are looking for open minded people looking to drive real innovation, together with our clients. 

How does the application process work?

After we receive your application, you’ll be invited to take our online assessment. If positive, you’ll be invited for an HR interview to discuss all about you so we can find out whether there’s a match with what you’re looking for in a first position. If positive, you’ll be invited for a Meet&Sign day! This is 1 day where you complete all the other steps of the recruitment process: you will participate in a business case in group, manager interview & final interview. If you pass the full day you might go home with a contract offer! These days typically take place beginning of December & March. If you apply after this date you will take the steps individually on different days.